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Pray for me! Help me spread His Word by telling your friends about Resources For Christians. I encourage you to support the ministries represented here.

All of the teachings on Resources For Christians are either my own, are availabe as a free podcast or a free download from the various ministries represented on RFC. None of the downloads from these ministries required registration (userid and password). Therefore, anyone with an Internet connection could have downloaded these files. I have simply tried to find the very best free teachings and put them in one place to make it easier for you to download. Please consider donating to the ministries that bless you. My calling is to spread His Word and you can help me and these ministiries by linking to this site.  

I don't think so but if it turns out that I am wrong about a particular teaching please let me know.  None of the teachings on this website were bought or originated from a CD.  Nevertheless, if a file on this website does violate the permission of a ministry please let me know immediately so it can be removed.  It is my only  intention to edify Christians and promote ministries.
RFC is not affiliated with any ministry or organization and is completely funded by me. I have never and will not accept donations.  RFC doe not profit in any way at all from these teachings!  I am simply trying to fulfill my calling to spread God's Word. I encourage those who have been blessed by the teachings to join me in financially supporting the ministries where the teachings originated.