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Don Dickerman

Don DickermanDon is a seminary graduate and a licensed and ordained Baptist minister. He attended Arlington Baptist Seminary, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Bible Institute, and Trinity Valley Seminary. He has been ministering in prisons since 1974 and has personally ministered in almost 850 different prison facilities.

In 1995, while ministering in a Federal prison in Three Rivers, Texas, God touched Don and anointed him in new areas of ministry, including healing and deliverance. At this service an officer was seated in the congregation among the inmates, enjoying the worship service. This is very unusual for

an officer to mingle with the inmates. I found out later that he was off duty and studying to become a Federal Chaplain. His name is Warren Rabb. After the service, he told the officer on duty that he would escort me to my car, that he wanted to talk with me.

We visited and had prayer on the prison parking lot. I left to drive back to Corpus Christi, where I was staying on the particular prison trip. Just before I reached Interstate 37, I stopped to get a soft drink and chips. Before I could get out of my car Officer Rabb came running to my car and told me God had given him a vision about me and he "had" to share it with me. He said, "I would have followed you all the way to Corpus to tell you about the vision."


He was so excited, Don says, I could feel and sense that God had spoken to him. This is what he told me. "I saw you standing in this big black pot and there was oil bubbling all around you, not boiling, just bubbling. All around the pot there was a sea of people, as far as you could see and they were all sick, the stench of their sickness was nauseating as it went up to the heavens. Then the oil began to rise up and cover you, as it ran from your head and down your arms and touched the people they were healed! Get ready brother, God’s fix’in to pour it out on you!"

"Wow!" says Don. "I knew God had spoken. But I did’t know what to do with it. My seminary training had not covered this. I knew how to preach, I had seen thousands receive Christ as Savior, perhaps 100,000 or more, but I had never seen anyone healed or delivered of demons. . .however, I was about to! It started happening, people would get healed and I would just be preaching, I didn’t even know how to pray for their healing. It happened anyway."

"I began to meet more and more people who had demons, "demonic oppression". Believers with demons in their soul and flesh. Christians who were demonized! I have since learned that this is very common and that probably more are than are not. I have seen since that night in 1995 more than 25,000 delivered of demonic oppression. Hundreds I have seen healed...virtually every sickness and disease, virtually every part of the body, I have seen God miraculous healing mercies in action. What a mighty God we serve!"

Since that addition to his ministry it has meant fewer prisons and more personal ministry to individuals. Still, he ministers in prisons throught the Western Hemisphere and meets with hundreds of individuals for personal deliverance...knowing that "Jesus went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed of the devil."