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Billye Brim

Billye Brim

As Billye Brim grew up, her parents taught her from the cradle about the Lord, exhibiting His love in their home.

In 1967, an experience in God (the baptism with the Holy Spirit) reawakened her call to the ministry.

From 1970-1980 she worked for Kenneth Hagin Ministries. The greater part of those years she served as editor of publications editing Kenneth E. Hagin’s teachings into books and a monthly magazine, The Word of Faith. During those years she taught regularly in the local church, and began to travel and teach on weekends. In 1980, she resigned from KHM to answer the call to travel and minister full time.

A Witness All Over the World

Billye considers her ministry to be that of a witness—witnessing the work of the Lord and telling others about it.  A key scripture the Lord gave her is, “Give none offense, neither to the Jews, nor to the Nations, nor to the church of God” (1 Corinthians 10:32).

Her ministry is three-pronged:
• The Jews–their place as God’s time clock in the “Last Days”
• The Nations–preaching and teaching concerning nations of Biblical prophecy
• The Church–watching for the Glory.

Prayer Mountain In the Ozarks

Her life has been blessed and enriched by close association with people wholly given to God, particularly in prayer, who were a part of the move of the Holy Spirit in the twentieth century. After a twenty-year “knowing” that she is to work with and help people of prayer, she found direction in the developing of Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks—a 200+ acre-site near Branson, Missouri (including log cabins nestled in the woods for people to stay for times of individual prayer). Corporate prayer is held weekly in the Chapel.

In 1986, after her husband, Kent, moved to Heaven, she went to Israel to study Hebrew and to watch Bible prophecy unfold in the Holy Land.

In 2000, the ministry purchased property in Migdal, Israel (the home of Mary Magdalene). The purpose: a Hebrew Study Center with Jews and Christians working together.

Billye Brim’s ministry has traversed the globe through thousands of audio and video teaching materials. She is the author of two books: The Blood and the Glory and The Road to Prayer Mountain.

Billye also teaches the Word through:

  • Meetings in local churches in the US and abroad
  • The Glory Watch newsletter and periodic ministry letters
  • The Voice of One Witness Radio Broadcast
  • Watching Current Events in the Light of Bible Prophecy Webcast
  • As a regular TV Guest with Gloria Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory Television Broadcast and others
  • Eschatology, Prayer, and Holy Spirit schools at Prayer Mountain and other venues.
  • Leading teaching tours to the Land of Israel
  • The Billye Brim Ministries annual Prayer Conference held in the fall of each year in Branson, Missouri
  • Click here to visit her website

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