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Steve Foss

Steve FossSteve Foss is a carrier of revival fire and travels the nations of the world seeing multitudes changed by the power of God's presence. Through the Holy Spirit, he is impacting this next generation through the Word of God with signs and wonders following. God has graced him with a unique gift of wisdom that allows him to operate in apostolic and prophetic anointings. This grace is helping to lead the body of Christ back to a restoration of her foundations.

His passions are to prepare the church so that God's glory may once again fill His temple and to raise a prophetic army that will gather the harvest.

Surrounded by an undesirable lifestyle , Steve, at a young age, quickly became involved in drugs and alcohol. His addictions were so strong that he was even stealing and dealing to pay for them. At age 17, during his senior year of high school, the school called his mother and asked her to drop him out or else he would be permanently expelled. He continued deeper into drugs, alcohol, and partying and in January of 1986, almost had a nervous breakdown.

Steve decided to go back to school. On May 2, 1986 during a college campus revival, he gave his heart to Jesus and was instantly delivered from five years of drug addiction. God completely took the desire for those things out of his heart forever.

Two days later Steve had another miraculous encounter with God. While on his knees praying, God spoke to Steve and said, "I have called you to preach my gospel..." Steve said, "Yes Lord, I will." He was then gloriously, baptized in the Holy Spirit and no one was even praying for him, he simply began to speak in other tongues. Things were moving quickly because God had a plan and a purpose for Steve's life.

Steve began to passionately seek God by studying His Word and praying daily for hours. Step by step , God began to lead and teach him. In 1988, he held his first Bible study and after only 17 months, Steve saw over 500 people answer the altar calls. After that, he started five more campus outreaches touching over 120 youth every week.

In 1990, God opened the door for Steve to help create Young Warriors, a very successful ministry under Morris Cerullo World Evangelism. By 1993, he began traveling internationally and saw God work tremendously. He has ministered to millions and has seen multitudes saved and even more baptized in the Holy Spirit around the world. More than 160,000 people have now completed his discipleship course. God has used Steve to train over 80,000 pastors and leaders in various schools of ministry from more than 70 nations.

Steve now has two television programs seen around the world as is seen as one of the fresh prophetic voices calling the church back to it's roots. As a revivalist, Steve has lead 2 long term revival, one lasting 25 months in Cerystal Springs, Mississippi. Many testify that they have the strongest encounters with God in their live while attending meetings with Pastor Steve

Steve his family currently reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex and Pastor The Upper Room Church.

He continues to minister across the nations of the world in various gatherings and God is pouring out like never before, effecting multitudes for the Kingdom!

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