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Overcoming the strongholds of doubt and unforgiveness

I read in Joyce Meyer's book Battlefield of the Mind - Teen Edition that, at one point, she struggled with whether or not her dreams and vision of her ministry were ever real. Her mind was attacked with doubt and unbelief.

I put the book down to take a sip of tea. As the cup neared my mouth I heard the Spirit of God speak very clearly to me that if I didn’t think God could use me than I really didn’t believe I was forgiven of my past sins. He told me that if I didn’t believe he could use me, then I didn’t really believe he could use anyone. He was pointing out to me strongholds of doubt and unforgiveness. These strongholds are the result of not steadfastly standing of the Truth of God’s word that I am forgiven. Allowing doubt to rob me of the blessings of God will create a vacuum of darkness in my life that will suck in ungodly things to fill the void. God’s word is light and in him there is no darkness. I choose to stand on God’s word, dwell in the light and expel the darkness of doubt and unbelief!