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Word and Spirit Church

Pastors Don and Carolyn Kielley serve as Senior Pastors of Word & Spirit Church.  Together they are committed and dedicated to preach and teach the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing the Holy Spirit, by Gifts and Manifestations, to set people held captive free.

Pastor Don was born and raised in West Seattle, Washington.  His parents were what the Bible calls "heathen."  He had very little church experience.  He excelled in sports and had a promising professional sports career.  At age eleven he began drinking alcohol and by the age of 12 and a half he was also using and dealing drugs.  At 23 Don hit rock bottom.  Always believing in a god, believing in this historical Jesus Christ, while close to losing his mind and suicidal, he cried out to God (Jesus Christ) to come into his heart and take over his life.  He did not have an encounter with religion, but an encounter with God Himself.  He was supernaturally, instantly set free from drugs, having no withdrawals or side effects and within six months completely set free from alcohol.  Don began to go to church, completely selling out to God and His plan for his life.  He grew spiritually, met his wife Carolyn at By His Word Christian Center of Tacoma, Washington and was married in 1986.  He served Pastor Jann Butler and the church until 1991 and was ordained as an Elder, called into fulltime, five-fold ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.  A short time later Pastor Jann started a church in Bremerton, Washington and a year and a half later turned the Pastorate over to Don and Carolyn.  Pastor Don and Carolyn remain as the Senior Pastors at Word & Spirit Church, "A Place Where God's Word and Spirit Bring Freedom."

Pastor Carolyn was born and raised in Sacramento, California. She grew up in a Spirit filled Christian home, attending an Assembly of God Church. She was dedicated to the Lord as a baby and received Jesus as her Savior at 9 years of age. All she ever knew was the Christian life until she turned 13. At 13 she backslid from the Lord, started drinking, doing drugs, going to wild parties and listening to rock music, all the while attending church. By the age of 17 she quit going to church altogether. In October of 1983, at the age of 20, she came back to the Lord through the ministry of Evangelist/country singer Penny Baker who was holding Revival Meetings and exposing the occult and rock music. This ministry completely opened her eyes to the unseen world and the devil's lies. She totally rededicated her life to the Lord and had the privilege and opportunity to travel with this wonderful lady evangelist as her assistant. After her season of travel was over she submitted herself to a local church in Tacoma Washington, By His Word ChristianCenter, pastored by Jann Butler. For three years she served in various areas of the Ministry Of Helps and eventually met and married Donald Kielley. While under Pastor Jann's ministry Don and Carolyn were ordained as Elders and then were ordained and sent out as Pastors over the church Pastor Jann started in Bremerton, WA. Don and Carolyn are currently the Senior Pastors of this work, Word & Spirit Church. Pastor Carolyn serves as Pastor with her husband, preaches and teaches the Word of God, leads worship, sings with the worship band for services and oversees every ministry in the church. Pastor Carolyn also devotes much of her time to raising their two lovely daughters, Dawn Lauren and Jennifer Leeanne. 

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