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Unshackled!"UNSHACKLED!" radio program was begun under the leadership of past Superintendent Harry Saulnier."UNSHACKLED!' for a title? Harry exclaimed, "That's it! It's different and yet it suggests just what we want the program itself to say—that Christ can break the fetters of sin and set the sinner free."

The first program was about Billy Sunday, famous Chicago baseball player turned evangelist. Following the success of the first program, Gillies passed the directing and writing duties on to Eugenia Price, a successful and established radio writer.

In 1955, Genie Price felt God leading her in a new direction, so Jack Odell assumed leadership of the program. He served as director, writer, and announcer for almost four decades. Just prior to Jack's death in 1991, Bob O'Donnell, a long time


"UNSHACKLED!" actor and close friend to Jack, took the reins as director and announcer. In October 2007 we moved to our new facility and Bob announced his retirement on December 15th. We are now in a period of transition using experienced actors who have been devoted to the program over the years as interim directors."UNSHACKLED!" is still produced very much as it has always been. The original music of Ralph Colburn and Don Baddorf is still woven through the story "live" at the time of the production.


is heard on over 1,800 radio outlets in 148 countries, on six continents, in eight languages—English, Spanish, Arabic, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Korean and Japanese. More than 7,500 times a week, these testimonies of changed lives are heard around the globe.


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