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Resources For Christians newsletter

Resources For Christians Newsletter

Greetings dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!
I have been working very hard on the Resources For Christians website!

  • RFC now has over 8,000 audio and video teachings that can be downloaded with no registration or cost!
  • More ministries
  • Now available in 51 languages (previously 26)
  • Started RFC Twitter and Facebook sites
  • Added more links (on the left side of the website)
  • Created The 360 Challenge
  • Currently working on "Categories" to make it easier to find related teachings.  I am currently building pages for resources on Prayer, Faith, Healing, Love, Words, and Victory.  This is an extremely time consuming task so please be patient...

Please help me help these fine ministries to share God's Word by referring your friends to the RFC site.

Introduction to the Resources For Christians website

Welcome to the first issue of the Resources For Christians (RFC) Newsletter! RFC was started by John P. soon after 2000 to be a website full of useful resources for believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. It began as an attempt to provide some original teachings and Bible studies by John but it's main purpose is to aggregate teachings and links to the best ministries on the Internet. This is still the mission of RFC but has become more focused on collecting and sharing the very best in Christian teachings in mp3 format. There are currently over 14,000 teachings available for download at absolutely no cost or obligation. You do not even have to register! All of the teachings are (or were at one time) freely available online at various ministries. I have simply put them all in one place to make it easier for you to search and download. I do not want to replace or take away anything from these ministries.

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